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Sting Sport Gym / MMA C4 Gloves 100% Authentic

Sting Sport Gym / MMA C4 Gloves 100% Authentic

₫695,000 Regular Price
486.500₫Sale Price


Super product Gym Gloves / MMA C4 100% authentic from Sting Sport Australia

With a design from one of the largest sports companies in Australia, ensuring effective quality with high aesthetics. The combination of gym and free martial arts practice. Ensuring cool appearance and efficiency in each training session.

Every item at Carrot Sport is 100% guaranteed to be authentic.

Color: Black and white
  • With Diamond Cool Weave top design for control of airflow and humidity
  • Finger expansion joint for greater glove strength
  • Design Neo Gel lap and finger inserts for grip, comfort and control
  • Aniline leather design for added stability for gloves
  • Aniline leather palm doubles for a longer glove life
  • 2-inch wrist wrap with hook and loop closure
  • Messenger
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